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«Personal Information Protection Policy»

In respect of the operation of this site, we respect the privacy of the customer, give due consideration to personal information, protect it carefully, and strive to manage properly.

【Purpose of using personal information】

a) Various correspondence to provide services tailored to customer's request.
b) Contact of the answer to the inquired question.
c) Statistical processing without identifying individuals

We do not use personal information acquired except for purpose without your consent.
We take measures to prevent leakage of information and supervise contractors as well as employees.
We will not provide information to third parties without your consent.
We disclose information according to requests from the principal.
We respond to corrections and deletions if the published personal information is different from the fact.
We deal with complaints concerning the handling of personal information appropriately and promptly.

~ About handling of personal information ~
In order to improve the service of the customer's personal information entered in the booking form on the reservation page,
KISSHO Group Co., Ltd. ( KISSHO Co., Ltd., Miyabi Co., Ltd., Yazawa Co., Ltd., Eiki Co., Ltd., only in Japan, Hakuhako head office in Hakata, Nihonbashi FIVE shop in Kobe beef store, Kobe beef shaka- , Kobe Beef Akagiya Store Kuromon Tozai, Kobe Beef Akagiya Europe Street Store).

<Contact information>
KISSHO Co., Ltd.
Phone number: 078-392-1129
Officer: Hashimoto

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