Company Profile

Company Profile

Company name Kobe Beef KISSHO Group head office
location 〒650-0023
Hyogo Prefecture Kobe City 1 - chome 1 - chome Sakaicho street, Chuo - ku, Kaigei Building 7F
Representative's name Chairman Kiyomi Akagi
TEL 078-392-1129
FAX 078-332-0830
number of employees 300 (group as a whole)
Business contents Management, development, planning, and management of restaurants
Major business partners Kobe beef 3110 / Nagata and / North Sea
Bank Resona Bank
Company name KISSHO Co., Ltd.
Head office location 〒650-0022
Hyogo Prefecture Kobe City Chuo-ku, Motomachi 2 - chome 4 - 14
Representative Representative Director Ariomi Sumoto
Establishment April 8, 2008
Capital 5 million yen
Company name Yazawa Co., Ltd.
Head office location 〒650-0012
Hyogo Prefecture Hyogo Prefecture Kobe City Chuo kitanagasadori 1 to 6-1 ASA Sannomiya Building
Representative Representative Director Shinya Akagi
Establishment February 4, 2014
Capital 8.3 million yen
Company name Eiki Co., Ltd.
Head office location 〒650-0023
Hyogo prefecture Kobe city Chuo-ku Chuo-ku, Sakaicho Touso 1 - chome 3-10
Representative Representative Director Yuya Sumoto
Establishment January 8, 2016
Capital 8.3 million yen
Company name Miyabi Corporation
Head office location 〒650-0021
Hyogo prefecture Kobe city Chuo-ku Sannomiya cho 2 - chome 8 - 3
Representative Representative Director Ikeda Heart
Establishment April 10, 2017
Capital 8.3 million yen
Company name Miya Corporation
Head office location 〒542-0073
Osaka prefecture Osaka-shi Chuo-ku Nihonbashi 1 - chome No. 20 No. 2
Representative Representative Director Sho Motomoto
Establishment March 1, 2010
Capital 11 million yen

KISSHO Co., Ltd. - The formation of Yazawa Kabushiki Kaisha

KISSHO Group's present and president Kiyomi Akagi opened a restaurant in the Higashiyama shopping street of Kobe City Hyogo Ward in a small dealer's shop style in 1998.
Then gradually continue to prosperity, the residence for the store has outgrown Motomachi (currently KISSHOKICHI re-spring was transferred to head office) is a natural sea bream-summer pike eel-autumn and winter as a seasonal restaurant, which was the main material of the matsutake Hug I got a start.
After that, when it came to be caught in the media, when there was an interview on TV appearance, I was inquired as "Are Kobe beef doing?" At that time we did not deal with it, but Akagi said that "Yes, I am doing!" Was the trigger, and we decided to actually purchase Kobe beef and handle it.
Since then, it has been renovated as a specialty shop handling only Kobe beef after noticing the infinite possibilities of the Kobe beef product and the Kobe beef business, and in 2008 (April 2008) Kobe beef specialty shop KISSHOKICHI 's store development began.
Opened a restaurant in a small dealer's business style Kobe beef specialty shop KISSHOKICHI 's store development Established Yazawa Co., Ltd.
Established Yazawa Co., Ltd. as a new company in the group in January 2014. Prior to the establishment of the company, in June 2013, the first store, Kobe Beef Yakiniku Yazawa, opened 50m east of Sannomiya Shrine. In December of the same year, five more restaurants including Kobe Beef Ramen Yazawa, including Kobe Steak Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki Kobe Beef Yazawa Sannomiya, were opened by August 2014. Afterwards, Eiki Co., Ltd. was newly established in January 2016, and Miyabi Co., Ltd. was newly established in April 2017, becoming four companies, specializing in Kobe beef with 30 stores (as of October 2019) only in Chuo-ku, Kobe City We have formed a business group. Currently continuing to accelerate toward the development of new business formats and the opening of new stores.


Year Month Contents
1998In Kobe city Hyogo Ward, Higashiyama shopping district raises the eating and drinking establishment in the shop of a small dealer
"To Motomachi KISSHOKICHI (currently KISSHOKICHI head office)" transfer open
2008AprilKobe beef KISSHOKICHI Start of store development as a special store in Kobe beef
2011November<New shop> Opened "Kobe beef ramen KISSHOKICHI" on Michinaka noodle road!
December<New store> Sister store " KOBE BEEF RED ONE " pre-opening!
2012April<New store> Sister store "Kobe Beef Bezha Han" is opened!
July<Renewal> "Kobe beef dining hall" Kobe beef KISSHOKICHI Sannomiya ten renewal!
2013June<Open> Kobe beef Yakiniku Yazawa - YAZAWA - Open on the day of rock!
July<Open> Kobe beef French Kurosawa (now Kobe beef Kurosawa) Renewal open!
December<Open> KISSHO Group 8 Store Kobe Bee Yazawa 2 Shop Hankyu Sannomiya Store Opened!
2014February<Open> KISSHO group opening 9 Kobe Beppu mountain open !!
In March<Open> KISSHO group 10 store new store LENTAMENTE open !!
JulyKISSHO Group 11 Store No. Kobe beef Namiki Open! !
JulyKOBE BEEF REDONE Renewal Open! !
AugustKISSHOKICHI Group 12 stores Kobe beef Ramen Yazawa Open!
AugustKISSHOKICHI Group 13 stores Kobe bee Yazawa WEST open!
2015February<Open> KISSHO Group 14 stores Kobe beef 29 open!
In March<Open> KISSHO group 15 store "Kobe beef oak kiln Yoshirara" Opened!
In March<Open> KISSHO Group 16 stores Kobe beef earth open!
April<Open> KISSHO Group 17 Store Kobe Genki Open!
May<Open> KISSHO group 18 stores Kobe bee Takakura open!
June<Open> KISSHO Group 19 stores Kobe beef Eikichi open!
October<Open> KISSHO group 20 shops Kobe beef dumpling (Kyushu) open!
November<Open> KISSHO Group 21 Store Eyes Kobe Beef Tempe (Amami) Opened!
December<Open> KISSHO group 22 store eyes Kobe Tan Ryu Sannomiya Higashi store opened! (※ beef tongue specialty store)
December<Open> KISSHO group 23 store eyes Kobe Tanryu Ikutashinmichi ten open!
2016January<Open> KISSHO group 24 stores Kobe beekei Miyabi open!
May<Open> KISSHO Group 25 stores Yokohama Dragon East Gate Store opened!
2017In March<Open> KISSHO group 26 store eyes Kobe Tanryu Sannomiya ten open!
2018February<Open> KISSHO Group 27 Store Open Kobe beef Ramen Yazawa NEXT !
June(Open) KISSHO Group 28 Store Kobe beef ranch (cafe & select shop) Open
December<Open> KISSHO Group 29 stores Kobe bee Miyabi Kitanozaka store opening!
December<Open> KISSHO Group 30 stores Kobe beeke Miyabi Sanakita store open!
2019FebruaryKobe beef for Kobe beef Yazawa Change business style to Miyabi store
In March<Open> KISSHO Group 31 stores eyes open KISSHOKICHI Sannomiya central store opening!
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