Media history
Thanks to you, we are pleased with many customers, and it has been adopted by the mass communication.
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It was broadcast in February 2015 at Indonesian television program "trans 7".
Cable TV J: COM "Hanshin City Life" was broadcast in March 2015.

Publications published in the past

Publications published in the past

Kansai Meat Books

Hanako WEST 2008 June issue

Kobe Walker

KANSAI 1 week

Sannomiya Motomachi Walker

The Ultimate Ramen 2017 Kansai Edition

Media history

Year Month Contents
August 10<Broadcasting> Sun TV "Stepeco Corps Sailing Girls」23:40~
Kobe beef Ramen Yazawa"Was introduced! !
June 29<Posting> Kobe Tourism RankingKansai Walker
Kobe beef Ramen Yazawa」「Kobe beef KISSHOKICHI Nankincho branch"Was introduced!
June 16<Broadcasting> Yomiuri Television "Osaka Honka TV」19:00~
Women are also very satisfied easily! Brand meat lunch 1st in Best 3!
Kobe beef Grilled beef Yazawa Hon ten"Was introduced !!
2017February 4 (Saturday)<Broadcasting> Kansai TV "Okada no Omorog」10:25~
Kobe beef Yazawa WEST"Was introduced! !
Monday, January 16<Broadcasting> TV Tokyo "Why does YOU go to Japan?」18:55~
What is the best memories of You?
Kobe beef Ramen Yazawa"Was introduced! !
2016October 29 (Saturday)<Broadcasting> Yomiuri Television "Asapara!」9:25~
Olympic star ★ excavation project Kawai Shunichi and high school girl skater
Kobe Beef BBQ Yazawa"Was introduced! !
Tuesday, October 4<Broadcasting> Yomiuri Television "Kanji information net ten」16:47~
Kobe beef KISSHOKICHI head office"Was introduced.
September 14 (Wed)<Interview>The latest! The strongest! The ultimate ramen 2017 Kansai edition
Kobe beef Ramen Yazawa"Was introduced! !
September 5 (Monday)ABC Asahi Broadcasting "cast」18:00~
Kobe beef lands"Was introduced! ! !
Monday, June 13<Broadcasting> BS Fuji "Esprit Japon」24:30~
"Kobe beef" is taken up as a theme "Kobe beef landsIt was introduced!
May 14 (Sat)<Broadcasting> TV Osaka "Adult trip journey with adults」18:30~
Kobe beef lands"Was introduced! !
May 6 (Friday)<Interview> Shizuoka Asahi TV "Sports Paradise」23:10~
First visit to the stadium, visit Vissel Kobe
Introduction of "Kobe beef stalls" to support Vissel Kobe was introduced! !
Tuesday, March 29<Broadcast> Nippon TV "Hilnandus」11:55~
Kobe beef KISSHOKICHI Nankincho branch"Was introduced! !
March 19<Broadcasting> BSTBS "Sunset bar」18:00~
KISSHOKICHI Nankinmachi branch"Was introduced! !
January 23Kansai TV "Momoko's OH! Miyo!
Value lunch at Howmatching "Yazawa Honten"Was introduced.
2015July 5<Broadcasting> Asahi Broadcasting 12: 00-13: 00 "Jimoiti Drive - The best hospitality drive in the area -"so"Kobe beef lands"Was introduced.
June 22<Broadcasting> Mainichi Broadcasting 19: 00-20: 00
Magical restaurant M of Mizuno Maki R
so"Kobe Bee Takakura"Was introduced.
JuneCircle K release "Kobe beef and wasabi Mayo · Kobe beef garlic rice" With popularity, media are appearing one by one!
Kobe CityAsahi Newspaper Net versionKobe Chamber of Commerce and IndustryKobe Newspaper NEXT
May<newspaper>Kobe NewspaperYomiuri NewspaperSankei ShimbunCircle K sale "Kobe beef and Wasabi Mayo / Kobe beef garlic rice" on the article
May 26<Broadcasting> Osaka Television "Yes! Let's go on a trip"RED ONEWas introduced.
April 17<Broadcasting> Kiss FM KOBE "KOKO -> DOKO!? (Cocodo!?)"EarthWas introduced.
March 16 - 31<Broadcasting> Aired on cable TV J: COM "Hanshin City Life"
February 8<Broadcasting> Yomiuri TV "Honka TV" Night 10: 30 ~
January 28<Interview> Yomiuri Television "Honka TV" Lunch dinner eh ~ interviewed hamburger of Kobe beef 29
2014September 3KISS FM radio live appearance! !
August 31Nippon Television Network in 24-hour TV KISSHOKICHI of Nanjing-cho shop Kobe beef steak bowl was introduced! !
August 18Introduction of KOBE BEEF REDONE at SBS "Room Mate"! !
January 30<Posting> A new store [Kiyama] was introduced in the Kobe newspaper!
2013December 22<Interview> Kobe beef Kurosawa appeared at "Hello Girls Association of All Japan" at TBS Trip
July 13<Interview> Kobe Introduction from Daimaru's Butcher "Sugimoto"
May 27<Interview> Listen to Kobe beef sightseeing guide person.
2012December 3<Interview> Kobe Beef Ramen Posted on KISSHOKICHI "Ruruubu Kobe '13"!
November 22<Broadcasting> MBS "Location Mitsu" Visit KISSHOKICHI Kobe beef burger!
November 16<Broadcasting> Kansai TV "Yo い ド ン!" Kobe beef burger birthplace store !!
September 27<Broadcasting> FM Osaka radio interview coverage: "I am concerned with Kobe beef" I talked!
September 21<Interview> Kansai TV "Rain Eating Easy Department": Anniversary Kobe beef steak feature
September 14<Interview> King's branch: Mr. Linneme san visits us!
August 29<Interview> Press station Sunday
August 20<Interview> Yomiuri Telephone Information Network ten! : Kobe Beef Ramen Feature
July 9<Interview> Press station "Kobe beef that is true and true to the Chinese people"
July 5<Interview> Kobe beef ramen shooting
May 13<Interview> Radio "Sunday Premier Invited Seats"
May 5<Interview> Mr. Tommy's "Sayan!" (MBS TV)
May 3Kobe beef ramen talks about eating log · Twitter
February 16<Interview> Kobe Beef Ramen to Information Program "ZIP!" By Hayami Momomichi
2011September 15<Interview> Nitere "Hilnandez! "4th place nationwide! Marbled roast beef!
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