KISSHOKICHI understanding with numbers

KISSHO group to understand with numbers

KISSHOKICHI understanding with numbers
1998 15/50 heads 500,000 steaks 21 stores February 9/29 people


A small dealer opened in 1998
Currently President Kiyomi Akagi opened a small dealer in Higashiyama shopping district of Kobe city Hyogo Ward in 1998.
Then gradually continue to prosperity, because the shop has become crowded, (now KISSHOKICHI was relocated to Motomachi head office). At the time, "Fugu" mainly, "Afushi no Taimashi" in the spring, "Akashi" in the summer and "Matsutake" in the autumn were small dealers dealing with seasonal dishes. KISSHO origin of the name is, in Yamaguchi Prefecture, with a home of Kiyomi Akagi, the name "of a ship which brother is riding KISSHO is named from the circle", " KISSHO and" in the words representing "happiness", "prosperity", Buddhist scriptures Well, it is a word that suggests something auspicious.
Kobe beef steak
Well, the reason why such a small dealer shook the road to "Kobe beef specialty shop" was one telephone that came to the shop one day. The other party was an assistant director of a television station. At that time there was little information on the Internet, and people using it were limited. It probably was based on the telephone directory.
I was asked by a sudden phone call. "Because it is a shop in Kobe, are you handling Kobe beef?"
When asked like this, it is normal to explain that it is not a seasonal food store selling Kobe beef and it is normal to explain that it does not deal with politely, but Akagi who does not like to say No answers.
"Yes, of course we do."
Naturally, because it is a small dealer, all that is in the refrigerator is fish and shellfish.
However, if you answered "Yes!" You have to buy and prepare.
And the customer's reaction that we baked and served Kobe beef that we purchased for the first time is · · · the best smile! And, from now on let's go to Kobe beef specialty store! I decided to decide.
In this way, handling of Kobe beef in KISSHOKICHI started.
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Production rate 98%

There is no living Kobe cow
The fact that "there is no living Kobe beef" is surprisingly little known.
The live cow is Tajima beef, the top brand of Japanese beef which has been maintained only in the Taji region of the mountain side of the Kobe side, the pure blood lineage. This cow is shipped to a fattening farmer and becomes carcass before it can be put on a slice.
Cutting plane of the left semicircular carcass with knife inserted between the 6th and 7th ribs is judged according to the world's strict examination criteria and it is graded and judged whether it is Kobe beef or not is. ("What is Kobe beef?")
Kobe beef of the award is further decided from among the carcasses decided for Kobe beef. Only one Kobe beef recognized as meat quality No.1 in the examination before Seri receives the award of the highest prize. Kobe beef of this award is very precious, with 50 heads a year.
Champion cattle
It is a great honor for fattening farmers to produce the best award winning Kobe beef. You can have confidence in how to grow your own cow. Among many fattening farms, there is a ranch that produces the Kobe beef of the best award in an astounding proportion. That is the charisma "Nakanishi ranch" of Kobe Beef Bird.
About 40% of Tajima cattle raised in a general fattening farmer is certified as Kobe beef, while 98% of Tajima cattle raised in Nakanishi ranch is certified as Kobe beef. Furthermore, of the 50 best prizes Kobe beef of yearly, 15 are the cows bred in Nakanishi Ranch. (Examination of wholesaler 'Emperor Animal Husbandry' in 2013) The KISSHO Group takes the best cooperation system with the Nakanishi Ranch Group with the Nakanishi Ranch Group and regularly awards the best award Kobe Beef, "Champion Cow" This is also purchasing about 15 or more heads.
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500,000 steaks

Kobe beef purchased goes through carcasses and goes through sliced ​​meat for familiar steaks and grilled meat.
The number of steaks to be baked yearly in the entire KISSHO group will be 620,000 (2017 actual results) as well.
There are about as many stars as there are steak restaurants around the world, including Kobe, but Kobe beef alone only 100% The restaurant group that burns this number is unparalleled.
It's unbelievable, it's a restaurant group burning Kobe beef steaks in the world.
KISSHO group will continue to stick to the authentic, 100% Kobe beef in the future.
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48 stores

48 shops where you can eat the most delicious Kobe beef
Kobe beef is raised, it is not the end after purchasing. You have to taste the Kobe beef in the actual store. The taste of authentic Kobe beef, to tell more and more of it is, we KISSHO is the mission of the group.
As of October 2019, there are 48 stores where you can enjoy the finest Kobe beef. There are 30 stores in the Motomachi and Sannomiya areas of Kobe, 17 stores in the Osaka Namba and Shinsaibashi areas, and 1 store in the Fukuoka area.
Why do they open again in areas where their stores compete? That is because I want to take the trouble to visit Kobe to eat foods proud of the world called Kobe beef, to have Kobe come and eat up Hyogo prefecture.
Another reason is that Kiyomi Akagi who currently takes care of the site said that "the range that you can run around by bike" was up to Sannomiya Motomachi area. Why do not you elucidate the truth by catching the president who still serves customers at stores?
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February 9/29 people

The birthday of the present president who is the founder of the KISSHO group is February 9. It is a nice day for 2 (9). It is exclusive rumor that it might have been born to handle Kobe beef.
The future goal of such chairman is to nurture "29 managers who earn 10 million yen within 5 years". Of course 29 people, it is from the puns of 2 (to 9). In this way, there will be plenty of shops that can eat delicious Kobe beef of the highest rank, one more and one more. We are always welcoming chefs and staffs who strike the door of the KISSHO group with a hot feeling.
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