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To all new graduates
To all new graduates
KISSHO Group is actively devoting its efforts to recruiting new graduates who are going to be active for the first time in the future.
By having you join the new graduate generation who was full of honesty, motivation and energies, you can demonstrate its power,
We always want to vitalize our company. We will introduce three initiatives for that.

① Efforts for new graduates to learn about rules and manner as workers and social workers with peace of mind
· Learn basic knowledge and technology,Weekly regular study groupTo hold
 ・Exclusive new recruitment staff follow up everyone with a thorough attitude

② Initiatives to learn cooking skills
· Learn from the basics, many experienced veteran cooks enrolled in teaching carefully from scratch
 ・Steak baking method workshopWe set up workshops etc. appropriately and create an environment that can be used to improve your skills

③ Initiatives to facilitate communication and human relations
· If there is something in trouble, consult with the senior and manager
· When it is difficult to talk on site depending on the contents,A dedicated counselor at the headquarters is always friendlyA perfect posture

Why are you going to get there? ...
that is,"Business = people"Because it is a company that thinks seriously.
Let your dreams come true!
Click here for new graduate recruitment information
Click here for new graduate recruitment information
To experienced people thinking about changing jobs
To experienced people thinking about changing jobs
KISSHO Group is a Kobe beef specialty restaurant restaurant group currently deploying 26 stores only in the central ward of Kobe City, but as a group specializing in handling the world's best quality Kobe beef, along with training human resources appropriate for the grade of the product, We are widely open to mid-career recruitment of high-minded experienced people.

[ KISSHO figures the group is seeking]
We are seeking those who are aiming for managerial positions as executive candidates in the KISSHO group and those who want to study deeper for independence in a few years, making full use of the rich experience of the food industry in the restaurant industry.
The point is honest, sincere and practical ability.
Why do not you exercise your experience and ability with the potential KISSHO Group with the experienced people who I am talking about?
To those wishing to work part-time
To those wishing to work part-time
For students
Why do not you join us for a fun time at the KISSHO group that specializes in only the "Kobe beef" brand that boasts the world's highest quality in order to spend meaningful empty time between studies?
Even two days a week OK. It is OK from 3 hours a day or more.
KISSHO has prepared an environment where you can work according to that person.
Let's decide by convincing each other, talking with each other, everything.
Also, even if you are a student, a raise system based on the regulations will be applied firmly to those who can work hard with the awareness as a professional in a limited time. We support firmly how to support those who work hard.

To Freeter Mr.
Working regularly, Freeter who thought of working style not employees due to restrictions of working hours etc.
Your salary is also important, but if you want plus α "work worthiness", please beat the gate of the KISSHO group by all means.
In addition to joining the company, we regularly hold study meetings and counseling as necessary, and we are waiting for your entries from the bottom of our hearts to prepare for the solid support of everyone's hard work.

Internal events

A lot of in-house events and events that can be refreshed, such as bus trips, BBQ and volunteer climbs of Mt. Fuji, are carried out, making it a fulfilling place of interaction regardless of employee or part-time job.

Application method



First, please call.
・ KISSHO Group
· Reception hours from 10:00 to 19:00
· Inquiries by email
· Name · Contact Information
· Desired occupation · Desired interview day etc.
● I will question easily.


Based on the determined interview time
· Resume with face photo (Picture is within 6 months)
· Identification card · Writing utensil
Please bring it to us after you bring it.
Location: KISSHO Group Headquarters
1-2-1 Sakaicho Tousen Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, 650-0023
Jianei Building 7F
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