Philosophy / store opening strategy

A creative company that gives dreams and emotions

This is the biggest theme we aim for the KISSHO Group.

Management Philosophy | Mr. Mifune Yoshi

Through the top brand products of beef called Kobe beef
People from the farmers in Hyogo Prefecture and local business people
Customers who come to Kobe from all over the world
We, KISSHO Group
By forming rings and harmony that all three people enrich together and smile,
We will contribute to the revitalization of Hyogo prefecture centering on Kobe.

Store opening strategy

Reason why we stick to Kobe
We are developing a Kobe beef specialty shop in a limited area called Kobe. The reason is because I feel that I would like to contribute to Kobe and the revitalization of Hyogo prefecture. By treating the world's best quality ingredients called Kobe beef in Kobe, we can increase customers who are aiming for "Kobe beef!" And Kobe. We hope to visit Kobe for customers not only in Japan but also from all over the world and to excite the area called Kobe.

By opening a dominant store in the Kobe area

As of October 2019, the KISSHO Group has opened 30 stores in the Kobe area.

Own processing

KISSHO Group realizes the intermediate margin 0 because all of the Kobe beef that bought one is processed in-house. It is not cheap as an absolute value originally because it is originally a luxury item, but that's why we can offer the best Kobe beef in the world at a reasonable price anywhere.

Multi-storey development

I bought one Kobe beef and basically develop a steak restaurant. However, in Kobe beef cattle, there are many parts that are not suitable for steak. Therefore, by deploying barbecue shops other than steaks, ramen shops, etc., we are running out of those parts without spending them. By deploying multiple business categories like this, we take advantage of the benefits of buying one and avoid risks. In this way, we are forming a group that can propose how to eat Kobe beef with rich variations.

Kobe Beef Distribution of KISSHOKICHI

Kobe beef distribution
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