How to enjoy Kobe beef! - Ramen -


~ To ramen Kobe beef ~
KISSHO group expanding 37 stores in Kobe Motomachi, Sannomiya and Osaka areas as Kobe beef specialty store.
To provide reasonably priced Kobe beef which is originally worthwhile, we are working together with our own processing, "to use it all the way".
By using it in various kinds of business to the part which it does not use originally, it is possible to suppress the offer price such as steak by lowering the cost per quantity.

~ "Kobe beef bone" ramen ~
The characteristics of Kobe beef, widely known worldwide, are "sweetness", "scent" and "lingering".
As Kobe beef which is the highest grade as beef and also as food ingredients, the soup using that cow bone becomes deep and rich in taste.
We use raw soy sauce and natural salt etc. from Hyogo prefecture to soup slowly brewing cattle bone over 16 hours, and have gained a lot of support for gem that we stick to.

~ Kobe beef Ramen Yazawa ~
" Kobe beef Ramen Yazawa " is close to Sannomiya Station and is located along the main street, and there are many ramen shops around the street in the vicinity.

Many guests have gained support in restaurants such as eating and drinking media, and the inside of the small shop is crowded with many customers regardless of the time zone.

KISSHO Gobo soup which cooked the cow bones of the Kobe beef carefully selected by the group, and a gem of three kinds of Kobe beef as garnish. Please enjoy it.

〒 650-0021 Kobe-shi Chuo-ku, 2 - chome Sannomiya 11-1 142-4
℡ 078 - 334 - 0830

~ Kobe beef Ramen Yazawa NEXT ~
On February 15, 2018, a commercial facility located near Sannomiya Center Street "Kureffi Sannomiya" 6F was newly opened " Kobe beef Ramen Yazawa NEXT ".
We created a new taste with the concept of "Kobe beef" × "ramen" × "medicinal sauce" as it is, while leaving the taste of "Kobe Bee Ramen", which has received the support of many customers so far.
Numerous medicinal chefs invented by chefs qualified for medicine.
Besides taste, color is also vivid dish, both mind and body clean.
In the comfortable sunshine from the windwardly erected window, you can spend the moment of bliss.

〒 650-0021 1 - chome Sannomiya cho, Chuo - ku, Kobe City 3 Kuffe Sannomiya 6 F

※ The content of the content is information at the time of writing the article. Please check the official website etc for the latest information.
In addition, as for the information on each store of KISSHO Group, we may be able to make suggestions according to customer's request, so please do not hesitate to contact our shop directly for details.



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