Recommendation of Kobe Crapri Amona

Kobe Krapri Amona has been open for about a month now.

I want to know more about people who have not visited the shop yet and about galettes and crepes
We introduce the menu and galette recommended by Amona this time.

<Features of Amona's Garrett and Crepe>
Garrett is a traditional dish of the French Brittany region.
In Kleipriamona, a dough made of wheat flour from Inami-cho, Hyogo is spread and baked like a crepe, and it is formed by weaving with ingredients.
You can enjoy the variations as it changes into a variety of flavors depending on the ingredients you weave in.
From the hearty vegetables that serve as sake accompaniments and main dishes, from the galette that Kobe beef can taste
For crepe, use Esire butter, gelland's salt, and flour from France.
We offer dessert crepes with sugar, ice and fruits.

Garrett made with potato powder can only be tasted with Amona.

Amona recommended daily lunch and a large selection of classic menus, a large selection of fragrant black tea
It has been well received by many people. In addition, the day when it becomes full is also coming out and I am very happy. There is a possibility that you may not be able to prepare your seat after coming to the store.
You can make a reservation if you can call once before your visit
You may be able to consult.

Please continue your favors toward Kobe Crepri Amona.

Business hours 11: 00 ~ 22: 00
Holiday: Fixed holiday
Address 1 - chome 3 - 10 Sannomiya cho, Chuo - ku, Kobe 650-0021 1st floor
Contact address: 078-391-0829

Past Today's Galette-Part 1
"Sausage with ragout vegetable mustard"

Past Today's Galette-Part 2
"Salmon and avocado with lemon butter sauce"-with poached egg



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