Guidance of KISSHO group hospitality standard certification store

The Kobe beef specialty store KISSHO Group has been working on “hospitality standard certification” established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry since 2017 to improve the service to customers using it. As we were able to have multiple stores reviewed by the certification organization in 2018 last year and obtain the highest certification of hospitality standard certification, two stars “紺 certification” which is the standard certification following three-star certification (purple certification) I will report.

What kind of activities does the staff and staff of each person work on service and hospitality for customers as "hospitality" unique to KISSHO Group? We are training each day and offering it to our customers while cherishing the individuality of each and every one of them, we differentiate stores among them.
As a result, in fiscal 2018, it was also a year when I experienced that one person's hospitality enhanced the teamwork power of the entire store and improved the service to customers-quality.

In addition, we received reports that the response to customers from overseas, particularly the language barrier, was satisfied by the follow-up of multinational staff.

Even if you taste the same Kobe beef, services and hospitality vary depending on the shops you visit.
"I want to come again" and to deliver "thank you" and "smile" from customers
We look forward to welcoming you to the staff in the future.

★ ★ (紺 certification)
Kobe beef specialty store "Kobe Tanryu Sannomiya ten"
KISSHOKICHI Sannomiya store
KISSHOKICHI head office
Kobe Beef Concierge Desk

★ (gold certification)
Kobe beef Namiki
Kobe beef Gennkichi
Kobe beef Amami



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