Vissel Kobe Special Feature - Noesta specialty "Stage Rice Street". How is Kobe beef supplemented with stamina before cheering? ~

~ What is Vissel Kobe ~
Vissel Kobe belonging to the football J League, J1 was born as the predecessor of "Kawasaki Steel Mizushima Soccer Club" in Okayama Prefecture in 1996 (Heisei 1996).

The name "Vissel Kobe" is a coined word that combines "Victory = Victory" meaning victory in English and "Bessel = Bezel" meaning small boat, meaning "ship of victory" is put in it.

We KISSHO Group, I support the Vissel Kobe as a silver sponsor.

~ What is Stai Rice Street? ~
"Stay Rice Street" (Stu rice) is held on the day of the game at "Noeva Stadium Kobe" (Noesta) in Hyogo Ward, Kobe City, home of Vissel Kobe.
There are many standard stalls such as yakitori, takoyaki, kebab and tandoori chicken, and they are wrapped in a festive atmosphere as they are.

~ KISSHO Kobato's Kobe beef is on a stand! ~
We also have a stall of Kobe beef steaks on stai rice at the KISSHO group.
Genuine Kobe beef is baked up after receiving your order, so you can enjoy the sweetness and scent that is characteristic of Kobe beef without leaving it.
We also sell croquettes and mentikatsu using Kobe beef, lunches and curry etc, and you can taste Kobe beef in various forms.

Recommended for stamina supply before game! Please try.

* The menu may change depending on the situation. Please also pardon when sold out.

~ Vaschel Kobe's mascot is also a cow ~
Vascell Kobe's mascot character is a cow's "Movi".
In coined word "Victory = Victory" meaning victory which is also meaningful in the team name "Me" meaning deep cow calls of local Kobe City and Hyogo prefecture, wearing a hat like a sailor who imaged port city Kobe , Combines strength and loveliness and supports the game with supporters.

~ The thought to local Kobe ~
Vissel Kobe's club slogan "Unity Unity - ONE TEAM, ONE FAMILY, ONE DREAM"

The Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake occurred on January 17, 1995 (1995), which was the first day of practice as a team.
Practice in Kobe became impossible, practice at the time of establishment was held in Okayama Prefecture, ranked 6th in the first year of the Japan Football League, but in the following year it ranked second and decided to be promoted to the J - League.

There is a feeling that it is because of walking together in the hot days, video messages were sent in the game just after the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, and at the time of the Kumamoto earthquake, the Roasonso Kumamoto game that was in a state where the home ground could not be used was done with Noesta Assistance was made.

We are also offering authentic Kobe beef to our customers, with the thought that we would like to make local Kobe Hyogo excitement, with the KISSHO group also "from Kobe Motomachi to the world" in mind.


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