【Kobe beef sightseeing club】 Concierge desk is OPEN! ! !

~ What is Kobe beef sightseeing club ~
The Kobe Beef sightseeing club is an organization established under the philosophy of "to send out the wonderfulness of Kobe beef to Japan, to the world".
Kobe beef's brand value is raised · For the purpose of Kobe's revitalization of the area, we have been introducing Kobe beef and Kobe's sightseeing spots and suggesting plans according to customers.

~ Concierge Desk in Sannomiya OPEN !! ~
At the Kobe Beef sightseeing club, in late October 2017 we opened a "concierge desk" in front of Hankyu Sannomiya Station West Exit and Sankei Street.
In this place which is the most downtown area in Kobe in the center of Kobe · Sannomiya, we are informing you about Kobe beef, which is a special product representing Kobe.

~ Kobe Beef Concierge ~
Kobe beef concierge (Concierge) who studied Kobe beef, was trained, passed a tough exam.
Kobe beef concierge who knew Kobe beef said, "Why Kobe beef is expensive food?" "Kobe beef such as" What is the standard that is considered to be the harshest world in the world "is the" world's best elite ingredient " I will carefully explain you.
Also, staff who correspond to foreign languages ​​centering on English and Chinese together with Japanese are telling the charm of Kobe beef to customers coming to Kobe from all over the world.

~ Genuine authentic Kobe beef ~
At the Kobe Beef sightseeing club · concierge desk, we are introducing the Kobe beef specialty store · restaurant which handles "only Kobe beef above A5 rank" even in genuine authentic Kobe beef.
The Kobe beef concierge will guide you directly to a restaurant that offers the world's best Kobe beef in a relatively reasonable way.

In addition, we are also offering not only Kobe beef but also information on various sightseeing spots and hotels in Kobe.
Please do not hesitate to drop by.

~ Access ~
It is located within a 5-minute walk from each line of Sannomiya Station, and you can drop in anytime without hesitation.
Especially right in front of Hankyu Kobe Sannomiya Station, I left the west entrance!
It is located approximately in the middle of the San Kitora street shopping street.

Kobe beef concierge desk
8-3, 1-3 Hyogo Prefecture Kobe City Chuo kitanagasadori Hyogo Prefecture 650-0012

※ The content of the content is information at the time of writing the article. Please check the official website etc for the latest information.
In addition, we may be able to make suggestions according to customer's request in the information on each store of KISSHO group, so please feel free to call the shop directly for details.



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