Materials suitable for Kobe beef

Stick to local production

1. Direct purchase of organic rice grown in compost of Kobe beef
I received an introduction from a Kobe beef fattening farmer who is indebted to KISSHOKICHI . As "Organic rice / silver sharp raised in compost of Kobe beef", it can be enjoyed at various stores.
Organic rice grown in compost of Kobe beef
2. Use Hyogo's vegetables
We are conscious of the production area, we are mainly using vegetables from Hyogo prefecture. We hope that you will feel the season feeling that is being lost through modern vegetables even a little.

KISSHOKICHI original dressing new release
Hyogo's vegetables
3. Collaboration with "The Hyogo earth association"
Hyogo earth association is a group of young farmers in Hyogo prefecture. 26 farmers' presidents gathered and was created for the purpose of "promoting agricultural products from Hyogo prefecture".
Under the leadership of the Kobe Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the leadership of the "Commerce and Industry Cooperative Product Service Development Project", the KISSHO Group works with the Earth association to develop products using Kobe beef and agricultural products from Hyogo prefecture as raw materials. As was also the case in the March press release, in May 2015 we are able to deliver the goods to consumers at convenience stores through 800 Kinki stores.
Kobe beef Ramen YazawaThen, Ikemoto Soy Sauce "Kimu Murasaki" is used to return soup. It is a very fragrant raw soy sauce squeezed by free run (no pressurization) "Kimu Murasaki no Rika (kirei)". I handed over the not-for-sale specially from Mr. Ikemoto soy sauce and used it.
Furthermore, use "salt of awkward (Awajishima) salt". Made from natural salt in the Seto Inland Sea, rich mineral components unique to natural salt bring a complex taste.
Collaboration with Hyogo earth association "
Ikemoto Soy Sauce's "Kimu Murasaki"
Hyogo earth association
Nakanishi ranch


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