Reason why we stick to Kobe beef

The reason we have been particular about “Kobe beef”

Why “Kobe beef” ?

As it is written in our company's history and overview,when president Kiyomi Akagi, who is the founder, was managing a Japanese restaurant, which served only fish and shellfish, got a phone call and the customer asked, “Do you cook Kobe beef ” and he answered “ Yes, we do” without hesitation. That was the start of preparing “Kobe beef”.
The “Yes! ” of president Kiyomi Akagi word guided the future of “KISSHO”. After this unexpected turn of event, “KISSHO” exists now.​ ​
Chairman Kiyomi Akagi

We support Kobe beef brand​ ​

Kobe beef brand

You are also part of supporters of beef brand

Now with the primary business objective of informing many people as plenty as possible,​ ​
about the excellence and popularity of “Kobe beef”.

KISSHO encounters food called Kobe beef and understands its depth and value, it is now under the idea that it is the basis of the business of KISSHO to convey the splendor and charm of Kobe beef to as many people as possible, now Motomachi · We have reached the Kobe beef specialty shop extending to 45 shops in total (30 stores in Sannomiya area, 14 stores in Osaka area and 1 store in Fukuoka area as of January 2019). In addition, we strive to maintain Hyogo prefecture to create its brand and maintain the quality "producer farmers" "distributors" "meat shops" "restaurants" "consumers" who are involved in the brand "Kobe beef" Relief in all people · We believe that what the KISSHO Group can do is to properly convey the value of Kobe beef in order to keep the three things safe and high quality.

Why specialty restaurant?

Kobe beef specialty store KISSHOKICHI

To achieve the above-mentioned objectives, it is important to maintain a constant consumption cycle without wastage.​ ​
We, KISSHO group follow a system to consume the whole Kobe cattle with a safety procedure and without any wastage by opening many specialty restaurants, which served 100% Kobe beef.
For this system, there is no wastage and the consumption for “Kobe beef” is stable, it also assures customer confidence, safety and high quality of “Kobe beef”, with all these we believe that we can also take the next step to an improved system of “Kobe beef ” safety for producers.

From now on, KISSHO group is determined to take progressive steps​ ​
toward the promotion of the true value of “Kobe beef” to as many people as possible.
We sincerely hope for your understanding and support.


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