Wine that fits Kobe beef

The perfect wine for "Kobe beef"

“Kobe beef” and “Red wine”

Red wine is the perfect companion to enjoy beef. Below are a few samples of our wine selection. These wines have been carefully selected to determine best compatibility with our Kobe beef.
We promise you that these wines will make your meal 3.5 times more delicious.
Marques de Riscal Ex Resilva
Experience “Marriage” in a simple and easy way - "Marques de Riscal Rserva"
In Spain and Italy, the name of “Marques de Riscal Rserva” is the title given to the matured wine, which is at least 3 years old and also given to good full-grown wine. The flavor of the wine allowed to mature in the cask, delicate fragrance of vanilla and aroma of tannin improves the sweetness of the“Kobe beef”, taste better with added “wasabi”, and then you feel this wonderful “Marriage”
Barbaresco 2009 Fratelli Jacosa
Renowned Italian wine –Barbaresco 2009 Fratelli Giacosa
One of the high class wine, same range with “Barolo”, it's the 2nd rank wine in Italy.
“Fratelli Giacosa” is made at the winery in Piemonte state, it has a deep garnet (a reddish purple) color and a fruity flavour with an excellent aroma similar to violet flower. Full-bodied with very smooth and rich taste. It's one of the wines that matches well with the taste of “Kobe beef”
Marquez de Grignan
Care to enjoy a unique taste? - "Marques de Grinan"
Most of us think that the rich and succulent sweet taste of “Kobe beef” matches with a full-bodied red wine. However, if you choose Spanish wine “Marques de Grinan”, the strong taste of this wine will overpower the delicate sweet taste of “Kobe beef”, then you won't feel the perfect “Marriage” blend. We do not mean that this combination is tasteless, “Marques de Grinan” is often said to be “the best wine” in the line-up of excellent wines. So if you want to drink this wine with Kobe beef meal, it's recommended to be paired with “Kobe beef stew”, then you will experience a “Marriage” with this wine with the beef soup (joue de baenf) that is extracted from “Kobe beef”and rich in the taste of demi-glass sauce.
We think that it's not enough to present you only wines that matches with “Kobe beef”. Knowing that the specific wine doesn't match with “Steak”, but you will be able to feel “Marriage” with Kobe beef stew, then you will understand the importance of the wines. We selected these wines because we would love you to enjoy a complete dining experience. Nevertheless, this wine is really delicious!
Claude du Marche 2004
The Lady of Bordeaux - "Clos bu Marquis 2004"
This the 2nd wine of “Chateau Leo Ville Cases”, it's 2nd crus in Medoc fair in French. Elegant and condensed taste with the characteristic of a classical aroma.
When you have it with “Kobe beef”, it will enhance “Kobe beef” taste to an elegant and delicate flavor.
Vonne Romanee 2007 - Daniel Lion E fiss
A gift from Burgundy - "Vosne Romanee 2007 Daniel Rion et Fils"
The “Bourgogne” from French is made by “Daniel Roin et Fils” of “Voene Romanee” of “Nuit Saint Georges”. In this place wine production has continued for three generations, the natural environment spread a decent and mellow flavor and moisture, then a faint sweet smell, you will feel both complexity and elegance. The perfect meal for this wine is a “fillet steak” of champion “Kobe beef”.​ ​
The red meat of a high-class “Kobe beef” with greasy, silky taste shows you “Marriage”. It will give you the answer to the question “what is the taste of a different dimension?"

“Kobe beef” and “white wine”

It's a general belief that a beef meal should be paired with red wine, but it doesn't mean white wine is not good with beef meal. It's also “very delicious”. It' true that rich, fruity flavor and taste of red wine enhances “Kobe beef” taste. But it depends on the red wine, as it has an original and a very strong taste so the combatibility with “Kobe beef” varies depending on the recipe. In this situation, white wine will never compete with the flavor of “Kobe beef” and will always enhance the taste of “Kobe beef”. We prepared only 3 kinds of white wine – 1.Still wine,Chardonnay of grape type (not sparkling wine), 2.Sparkling wine and 3.Champagne (particular place of origin, sparkling wine).
Chardonnay Vin de France/ Laboure Roi (Still wine)
Chardonnay Vin de France/ Laboure Roi (Still wine)
Citrus flavor like lime, fresh and nice taste of this wine enhance the taste of “Kobe beef” from the lean to the marbled part.​ ​
Les Vignerous de Haute Bourgogne (Sparkling)
Cremant de Burgogne Chardonnay N.V /​ ​
Les Vignerous de Haute Bourgogne (Sparkling)
100% Sparkling wine made in the area only 600m away from Chanpagne district. Full of minerals and good for keeping bubbles as it made through the 2nd fermentation process like Champagne. We recommend this wine for everyone as it matches with any food.
Ayala Brut Rose N.V
Ayala Brut Rose N.V
The Rose is a rare wine made from the best red wine, which is made only in that year in Ayara company, established in 1860's at Champagne district.
This wine also matches with all meat and enhances the taste of the meal. The precocious “Pinot Noir”and “Pinot Meunier”, it comes from a kind of black grapes, fine bubble are produced in elegant rose color, with aromatic and silky taste. The flavor of raspberry acid is wonderful and refreshing in a full-bodied wine, and it matches perfectly with “Kobe beef” steak.
In addition, depending on the restaurants,​ ​
we selected the wines for you to enjoy with your delicious “Kobe beef” meal

The reasons we selected these wines

1. The characteristics of “Kobe beef” are fine and fresh beef quality compared with other beef, but primarily its sweetness (very tasty). That's why it doesn't need many sauce. Rather than sauce, we put grated “wasabi(Japanese horseradish)”and leaf of “wasabi” to enhance the sweetness of “Kobe beef”. Then, put Himalayan salt and blended KISSHO soy sauce to make “Kobe beef” more delicious to which then you eat it. This is the simple "Ko-syou style". In addition, we prepared for you the original natural sauce made from onion and apple produced from Awaji Island to make your meal more enjoyable.
2. “Kobe beef” starts to melt at 14 degrees celsius and the quantity of oleic acid during this time is the best in japanese beef. The inosinic acid, which gives the main taste of the beef is also the greatest during this time. This scientific data corresponds to the excellent taste of “Kobe beef”. To make a good match with “Kobe beef”, mainly steak, we took our time and carefully selected these wines together with senior sommeliers
When you eat “Kobe beef” of the best quality in the world, we recommend you to have a wine with it.
So that you will have an even more wonderful meal.


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