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June 12 (Wed) Notice of all store closures due to in-house events
Wine bar D Notice on May holiday
Recruiting personnel for graphic design and web production in the production department
Wine Bar D Notice for April Holiday
April 2019 KISSHO celebrates the 11th year
Wine & Beef "D" Notice of March closed holiday
【Notice of New Year's holiday opening time from 2018 to 2019】 At each store of KISSHO , except for some stores, the New Year's holidays are closed without break.
【Notice】 Notice on business hours accompanying Typhoon Approach Typhoon approaches the Kinki district from Sunday, September 30 (Sunday) to the following day, heavy rain and strong wind is expected in Kobe city. Some stores will temporarily close the business. We apologize for any inconvenience you cause, but we appreciate your understanding.
【Notice】 Notice on opening hours due to Typhoon Approach Typhoon approaches the Kinki district from Thursday, August 23 to Friday the 24th (Friday), heavy rain and strong wind is expected in Kobe city . According to the situation, we may change business hours of both days.
【Notice】 Notice regarding business hours accompanying Typhoon No.2 approach
【Notice】 Kobe · Motomachi Night Market 2018 Today is held! ! We will also open stalls from the KISSHO Group! !
【Event】 July 24 (Tue) We will open to Motomachi Night Market!
【Corporate briefing session】 "Creative company giving dreams and emotions" Do not you aim for "Kobe beef pro" at the KISSHO group? (The schedule of May held was updated)
【Notice】 Notice of closing due to in-house training on Tuesday, April 24 (Wednesday) and 25th (Wednesday)
【Notice】 "The essence of Kobe beef" Sirloin fair being implemented! ! Please enjoy this opportunity to "sweetness" "fragrance" "lingering finish" of Kobe beef! !
【Corporate briefing session】 "Creative company giving dreams and emotions" Do not you aim for "Kobe beef pro" at the KISSHO group?
【Notice】 Notice of Changing Business Hours and Business Hours of Some Stores due to Internal Training on March 6 (Tuesday)
On Thursday February 15 (Thursday), " Kobe beef Ramen Yazawa NEXT " will be opened at Kureffi Sannomiya 6F !!
【Happy New Year】 Celebration · Message from 2018
【Notice of New Year's holiday opening hours】 At each store of KISSHO , except for some stores, the New Year's holiday will be closed without breaks!
【Campaign】 The topic "Kobe beef steak sushi" can be eaten at each KISSHO group group!
Announcement of "Premium Kobe beef sirloin" Super value price startup period "is coming soon
★ 2/4 (Saturday) " Kobe beef Yazawa WEST " will appear in "Okada no Omorogo!" ! Two male guests and Osamu Haruna came to our store. <Broadcasting> Kansai TV 10: 25 ~ 10: 55 Do not miss it!
★ Notice of Holiday ★ Thank you very much for your patronage. 10/12 (all day) · 11/16 (dinner) will be closed from all stores. We appreciate your understanding.
A must-see person! We will implement the company briefing session "Seminar to convey the charm of" Kobe beef boasting to the world "on May 13, 5/14. Please apply from Minavi
[Recruitment Information] 2017 New graduate entry is being accepted !!! To minivi 2017
【New Menu】 Kobe beef Ramen Yazawa ! Kobe beef × black (black) new appearance! ! Please enjoy the fusion of Kobe beef and curry!
Thank you very much for your New Year's greetings. I pray from the bottom of my heart that it is a good year for everyone. We look forward to working with you this year. The Kobe beef specialty shop KISSHO group is open from New Year's Day. In addition, there are stores where there is a change in business hours from 1st January to 3rd. I'm sorry for troubling you, but thank you for letting us know than you.
【New Shop Open】 "Kobe Beef Kuni" Teppanyaki Steak! !
Salad dressing of Kobe beef specialty store finally released! Also at home in the double source of citron and black sesame KISSHOKICHI original flavors you can enjoy. Please, please purchase at the store.
KOBE BEEF RED ONE was introduced at Osaka TV "Let's go on a journey (somewhere)"!
KISSHO group official website renewal opening! !
How to eat Kobe beef with rich variations KISSHOKICHI Sannomiya Central-Shop Store map

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