How to grill Kobe beef

Our way of cooking "Kobe beef"

KISSHOKICHI group serve many kinds of food such as steak, BBQ, hamburger and croquette etc,​ ​
based on “Kobe beef”
Though the main is “Steak”, there are 3 types of it depending on the restaurant.
Teppanyaki style

Grilling the steak in the hot plate style in front of the customer

Restaurant style

The restaurant style of serving up the steak in a platter​ ​
after grilling it with a hot plate in the kitchen

Grilled stone kiln restaurant style

Baking it in a high-temperature stone kiln over before
serving it on restaurant style platter

With all these styles,​ ​
we cook it to a “medium rare”, which is the best to enjoy the taste of “Kobe beef”.​ ​
However, you may request rare, medium and well-done except for the 3rd style which is “baking it with stone kiln”.
Please feel free to ask us anything.

Why do you grill Kobe beef with medium rare?

The distinguishing feature and appeal of “Kobe beef” is sweetness and full flavor.
Medium rareTo keep these 2 elemental things alive, first, we grill the surface and back with middle to high temperature, this helps to keep the natural juice inside, that contains many delicious taste. And then, turn to the lower temperature to grill inside the steak slowly.

When the core heat (the temperature of middle part of the beef) reaches 50 degrees, turn off the fire and give it a little bit rest until it reaches 60 degrees in the end.
This is the heat just before the start of a protein coagulation.
The temperature goes up like a color gradation toward the exterior from the raw reddish pink to a pale pink color. The outside of the beef gets hard and it improves the sweetness of the taste and savory smell.​ ​
then 1mm insides is soft getting softer as it got close to the center where there is a well-balanced moisture so that you can have that succulent and flavorful taste. This is the medium rare, the best way to eat a steak!

We recommend you medium rare because we want you to taste the best “Steak”! However, we would love to grant your request as much as we can, especially when the customer doesn't like raw taste and the raw appearance or likes it to be more juicy.​ ​
Please do not hesitate to let us know your preferred taste!

Also, because of the nature of the "high-temperature stone kiln" at the stone kiln restaurant, the beef should be baked for a moment then taken out and give a little time to rest then put it again in a very high temperature. Because this repeated process takes several minutes with the stone kiln, we do not recommend to bake it rare. We apologize beforehand, but please enjoy a “Steak” with medium rare, medium, or well-done in the stone kiln restaurant.


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