What is Kobe beef?

There are no "Kobe cows".

“Kobe beef” is a type of beef, which is selected with the utmost care from “Tajima Cows” when delivered.

”Kobe Gyu” (also called “Kobe Niku” or “Kobe Beef”) is a privileged title only given to “Tajima cows” that satisfy the strict standards on the growing environment, breed and beef quality, set forth by the Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association.

What are the “Tajima cows”, the cows that produce Kobe beef ?

“Tajima cows” are 100% purebred, native to Hyogo Prefecture.

They are 100% purebred pedigree native to Hyogo whose history dates back to the Edo period and are fed only by producers designated and registered the Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association. "Tajima Cows" is the name designated to cows which is shipped to the Kobe meat processing centers that are between 28 months to 64 months old.

“Tajima cows”, thanks to their fine bloodlines and a highly regulated rearing environment, produces a meat with tender muscle fibers and a beautiful marbling effect that result in a smooth, soft and velvety textured taste. Besides "Kobe Beef", Tajima cows also breed cattle for Matsuzaka beef and other luxury beef brands.

“Kobe beef” comes Tajima cows that meet the stirctest quality standards in the world

Among “Japan top three Wagyu”, Kobe beef from Tajima cows is the one that manages to clear the strictest regulatory standards.

As mentioned above, Tajima cows are already subject to extremely strict regulations;

however, only those cows that meet an even stricter set of standards with many additional criteria can finally be given the name of “Kobe Gyu (Kobe Niku, Kobe Beef).”

The world's strictest criteria of "Kobe Beef"

Kobe beef standards

“Kobe beef” is recognized overseas

In Europe, "Kobe Beef" is associated with the word "Delicious Meat"

Since “Kobe beef” is beef that meets the strictest standards, there is no doubt that “Kobe beef” is well known all over the world. Especially in western countries,” Kobe beef” is established as the highest quality beef brand.

In Europe, people who have become In Europe, people automatically think that “Kobe beef” refers to any kind of delicious beef, which occasionally results in a scam of claiming normal beef to be “Kobe beef”.​ ​

“Kobe beef”, the best beef in Japan.

"Kobe beef" is registered in the national certification "GI (Geographical Indication) system"

In December 2015, "Kobe beef" together with "Tajima cows" is the only one that associated with quality within the production areas. By obtaining national certification and establishing "Kobe Beef" and "Tajima Cows" as an intellectual property, it will help increase the profit of the producers as well as obtaining the customer trusts.

With this national registration, the fame of "Kobe beef" will spread even further.

"Kobe Beef", The world's best beef.

"Kobe Beef" is outstanding even among the very finest varieties of beef.

“Kobe beef” has an established tradition and history. It also satisfied the strictest criteria for beef in the world. Please indulge in “Kobe beef”; you will find yourself amazed at the richness of the experience.
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