Understanding “Kobe beef“ meat cuts

Rare cuts, which can be only obtained by buying an entire cow.What are rare cuts?

Although everything is categorized under one word: “beef”, there are many differences in quality among different cuts of meat. Of course, everyone is familiar with “short rib” or “rib eye” because you enjoy a wide variety of menus using these cuts in grilled meat restaurants. But you will also find other cuts, called “rare cuts”, which have only recently started to attract people’s attention. Better known examples include “chuck flap” or “cheek meat”, which is only available in a small quantity even from an entire cow. There are many other varieties of rare cuts, which I will introduce below.
Marbling level★★★
This is the part that comes underneath a saddle. This cut melts on your tongue and you can enjoy its rich taste that soaks into your palate.
Lean level★★★
A strip of meat cut from the body side of the rump which is more tender and delicious than the rump. (It is a different cut from innards known as “necktie” that is near the throat).
Lean level★★★
This is a rare cut, which is juicy and has all the sweetness of beef. It is softest of rump cuts and has the best balance of marbled and lean meat.
Chuck flap
Marbling level★★★★★
This is also known as “chuck flap”. It is a lower part of a saddle cut. The meat is marbled but has a better aftertaste and you can enjoy the meat with a profound taste and feel like it is melting in your mouth.
Lean · marbling level★★★★★"Exceptional !!"
We are proud of the best quality of meat that was awarded the title of “sir”. This is a high-end quality meat with fine marbling.
Lean · marbling level★★★★
This is the buttock of a cow. It looks as if it tastes quite ordinary but once you taste it, it has a bold taste only real meat can have.
Chuck rib
Marbling level★★★★★
Although it is categorized as belly, it is close to sirloin and the quality of marbling is high. Only two cuts can be obtained from an entire cow; it is a highly marbled cut and considered as a cut of the highest quality.
Bottom flap
Red and marbled good balance★★★★★
This is also categorized as middle cut of belly, but close to the thigh. In grilled meat restaurants, these rare cuts are sold as “high quality short rib”.
Top round
Marbling level★★★★★
This is a rare cut which constitutes only 1 kg of an entire cow. It is very expensive and you will see a beautiful marbling condition. The very epitome of “Kobe beef” is heavenly among other cuts of “Kobe beef”.
Top blade
Marbling level★★★★
This has a very rich taste and the best quality meat used for sushi and lightly roasted beef. The cut is from the lower part of shoulder blades and constitutes only 2kg of an entire cow.
White meat
Marbling level★★★
The belly cut closest to the thigh, also known as the “flank“. We can enjoy the good taste and aroma of the meat.
Knuckle main muscle
Lean level★★★
This is soft like a filleted cut. Especially in Kobe cows, this cut has characteristics of appropriate quantity of marbles and soft and fine texture. This is popular among gourmet meat eaters.


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