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Best award Champion Kobe beef producer: Hitoshi Nakanishi
Champion Kobe beef producer: Hitoshi Nakanishi
A certificate Please check this item!
Best award ·········
"Champion" this is said to the world
Car carcass weight ·········
If you exceed 500 kg, you cannot become Kobe beef!
Kobe beef has weight restrictions
* Weight regulations revised from April 2019
A represents the good yield of the number of carcasses taken from the weight of a cow.
Grade 5 is the highest rank in five-step notation expressing the texture of fleshy fibers and sashi.
BMS ·············
Numerical values ​​in 12 stages showing the fineness of fine marble patterns of fibers and sashes from the cross section of a loin opened by inserting a knife between the 6th and 7th ribs. Of course, 12 is the highest rank. By the way, BMS is an acronym for Beef Marbling Standard's initials.
Blood lineage .........
Kobe beef is all Tajima cattle whose father / mother's name and pedigree are 100% clear.

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