The secret of the taste

A fine marbling is the key factor of a delicious beef.A pinkish cross section is very important.

Champion Kobe beef exceptional (lamp)
The most important feature of the taste of “Kobe beef” is its sweetness and aroma. The fat has a low melting point of 14C; you can taste the marbled beef, with its fine lines of fat melt, in your mouth—a superb experience. The large proportion of amino acids, which is the main constituent for umami or savoriness, and of unsaturated fat, produce its outstanding character; moreover, among other Wagyu, the content of amino acids is by far the highest in “Kobe beef”. The first-rate taste of “Kobe beef” lives up to its internationally-renowned brand name of “Kobe beef” in the world, and its superiority is even scientifically proven.

The quality of meat depends on the bloodline;The taste depends on the feed given to the cows.Yet the ultimate factor is friendly affection.

Tajima cattle growing up in a clean and relaxing environment
The process of fattening the Kobe cows starts when calves come to auction. In order to realize the best “meat quality” and “taste”, it is not sufficient just to obtain the good quality calves. What is more important than this is the excellent quality of their feed and the nature of their care—raising cows with personal attention and care in a stressless environment in the middle of abundant nature.
The Tajima district where Kobe cows are raised is wonderfully natural place with beautifully clear air and fresh water. Moreover, in winter, a cold front arriving from the Sea of Japan helps cows to tone up, to develop an appropriate quantity of fat, and the perfect beautiful marbling that has even a visual appeal. Commercial farms are very particular about their own blend of feed they give to cows. They carefully monitor their cows to control their development of growth and physical conditions each day. The Nakanishi farming group, with its great achievement and international reputation for raising “Kobe beef” continuing to receive the best ratings each year, has gone abroad more than ten times in the quest for the ideal feed. Their ultimate quest for the best feed ended up with hay grown on a specially contracted farm in the USA; from this supply an individual blend of hay is created for each cow according to their specific conditions.


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