How we got to know Nakanishi Farm

Chance or Inevitability? A miraculous encounterThe opportunity provided by “Teishin Chikusan Corporation”

The opportunity provided by “Teishin Chikusan Corporation”
Chance or Inevitability? A miraculous encounter-- The opportunity provided by “Teishin Chikusan Corporation” KISSHOKICHI got to know Nakanishi Farm by accident.Back then, There was a wide variety of “Kobe beef” available, and we were blindly wandering in the dark without finding the quality of beef that would satisfy us. One day, a sales person arrived from “Teishin Chikusan Corporation”. It was as if they had heard our cry! “Teishin Chikusan Corporation" is a brokerage company that successfully bids for all the “Kobe beef” that come from Nakanishi Farm, the leading farm producer. The sales person said that he stopped by because he saw a sign advertising “Kobe Beef:” in our storefront. When the beef comes from Nakanishi Farm and Teishin Chikusan, nobody would doubt the taste of the beef. Mr. Akagi, our president immediately told him that he wanted to start up a business relationship with them.KISSHOKICHI had only three branches and had just begun to provide “Kobe beef” by fulfilling the orders of small restaurant owners and other private customers.​ ​
Whether it was by coincidence or inevitability, after starting business with “Teishin Chikusan”, the good reputation of KISSHOKICHI has broadened and our business has greatly expanded.

The bonds that developed through “Kobe beef”The greatest good fortune of KISSHOKICHI

The bonds that developed through “Kobe beef”
Mr. Nakanishi found out about KISSHOKICHI and came to our restaurant right after our dealings started. It was our greatest honour and we were very proud that such an influential person in the world of beef paid a visit to our restaurant.At the same time, it caused us great stress and pressure because we knew that Mr. Nakanishi, who had built up his firm’s trust and status, would be quite as uncompromising with his clients.
Mr. Nakanishi, who enjoyed his meal in our restaurant, remarked “This is a small restaurant but you are serving your customers in a careful manner, and doing such a great job,“ and then went home. After that, Mr. Nakanishi started to invite members of the KISSHOKICHI group to visit his farm. The bonds between us through “Kobe beef” grew stronger day by day.
In the world of “Kobe beef” with its thorough and controlled distribution process with strict regulations for auction, process and sales,the link between “the seller” and “the buyer” continues right to the point that the meat arrives at the doorstep of customers in its best condition. The fact that we were able to build up such a cordial relationship with Nakanishi Farm is the greatest good fortune for us, KISSHOKICHI group.


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