The reason for choosing KISSHOKICHI

Our commitment to highly skilled processing, enthusiasm, and technological expertise.Craftsmanship that the experienced admit is excellent

Master also convinced processing technology!
Usually, the carcasses shipped are handed over to the bid and then handed over to the restaurant etc. via brokers. Nonetheless, for producers it is a cow that puts a special love on hand-salt one by one. There is never anything like that if you get a high price. It is raised at the end of the unbearable hardship, and it becomes a Kobe beef that got over the hard judgment, especially more. In the unlikely event that a buyer is a violation of his own beliefs, it may even refuse the transaction. Meanwhile, the reason why Nakanishi, Hyogo Prefecture's foremost producer, accepted the deal with KISSHOKICHI . Because it felt KISSHOKICHI 's spirit toward meat processing technology which does not waste meat at all, and Kobe cow as extremely conscientious price setting. Even now it may be seen by all of you that you can enjoy meal with KISSHOKICHI every time.

Our close relationship with the “TEISHIN CHIKUSAN” brokerage company.Shared feelings towards “Kobe beef”

Brokerage "Emperor Animal Livestock"
Furthermore, the size of existence of "Emperor Animal Livestock" that combined Nakanishi ranch and KISSHOKICHI can not be ignored. Nakanishi ranch exhibits about 100 cattle cattle at most. It is a fact that there is no doubt that the extremely deep trust and respect is connected between these two because "Empire livestock" that bids almost all of it. "It has become seriously taken care of by" Emperor "from the early days.It is not an exaggeration to say thanks to" Empire ", that I could pierce through my fattening beliefs so far" . Mr. Nakanishi talks with Shimizumi.
"Empire livestock" in the relationship of honeymoon which can not be separated even if it cuts off Nakanishi ranch. KISSHOKICHI who purchases Nakanishi's meat through here also has a strong feeling of mutual understanding between both of them.


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