The reason for choosing KISSHOKICHI

Our commitment to highly skilled processing, enthusiasm, and technological expertise.Craftsmanship that the experienced admit is excellent

Master also convinced processing technology!
Usually, shipped carcasses goes to the auction first and are then distributed to restaurants via brokers. For producers however, who have raised their cattle with tender loving care, getting the highest price for them is not everything. Producers who have invested so much time and effort in raising the cows as well as passing the strict examination of “Kobe beef”, become very emotional to see the cattle depart. If a buyer turns out to be someone whose beliefs the producers do not agree with, the producers may even refuse a deal. In spite of this Mr. Nakanishi, the leading cattle farmer in Hyogo Prefecture, approved doing business with KISSHOKICHI for two main reasons: KISSHOKICHI does not waste even the smallest amount of beef from cattle that Mr. Nakanishi has raised; we provide “Kobe beef” to customers at such a remarkably reasonable price. Mr. Nakanishi shares our value and still comes to KISSHOKICHI to enjoy the meals we provide. You might see Mr. Nakanishi dining in our restaurant one day.​ ​

Our close relationship with the “TEISHIN CHIKUSAN” brokerage company.Shared feelings towards “Kobe beef”

Brokerage "Emperor Animal Livestock"
We must acknowledge the important role played by “TEISHIN CHIKUSAN” in bringing together the Nakanishi Farm with KISSHOKICHI. The Nakanishi farm sells at most 100 cows a year and “Teishin Chikusan” wins almost all of these. The relationship between the two companies is one of deep trust and mutual respect. As Mr. Nakanishi gratefully observes, “ Teishin Chikusan has been taking great care of us for more than a generation". It is thanks to “Teishin Chikusan” that we have managed to develop a business that is consistent with our strongly-held production values.
Nakanishi Farm and “Teishin Chikusan” have an extremely close and profitable working relationship, which is clear even to KISSHOKICHI who obtain their beef through “Teishin Chikusan”.


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