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Genuineness · You can search restaurants where you can eat Kobe beef from the scene.
Anniversary date
Parties · Banquets
Entertainment / meeting
For travel agencies

A shop for one person

Everyone businessmen at work on business trips,
It is a shop that everyone who wants to luxuriously use rewards for themselves.
Sannomiya side area

● Center town area

Kobe beef KISSHOKICHI Sannomiya ten
Kobe beef 29
Kobe beef Ramen Yazawa

● R & B Hotel Kobe Motomachi / Hotel Trusty Kobe Former Settlement
Near Hotel Viamare Kobe / Kobe Oriental Hotel

Kobe Beef BBQ Yazawa Miyabi Shop
Kobe beef Grilled beef Yazawa Hon ten

● Around Kobe International House / Kobe Hankyu / Kobe Loft

Kobe Bee KISSHOKICHI Sannomiya Central Store
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