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~ Yakiniku course 100% Kobe beef ~
It is the KISSHO group that handles only Kobe beef as "Kobe beef specialty shop" and develops 27 shops in Kobe area (as of April 2018), but as "Kobe beef baked meat", " Kobe beef Grilled beef Yazawa Hon ten " and " Kobe Beef BBQ Kobe Dragon East Gate Store "stores are open for business.

"BBQ at Kobe beef" is a luxurious sound, but it is a Yakiniku restaurant operated by the KISSHO group, so 100% Kobe beef, of course.

And by offering our own cost reduction it is possible to offer reasonably to its value.

~ Various parts available. Also try looking for your favorite part ~
In the restaurant with teppanyaki or restaurant style, the price is decided by the part and the number of grams, but the Yakiniku shop is preparing various parts for single item.
Of course, we offer courses with affordable courses and all-you-can-drink courses, as well as a variety of courses depending on the season, but there are also many people who order "single item menu" on the course as "More Fun! welcome.

We have rare parts such as "Hanashita" "Misuji" etc. and classic menus such as "Roth" "Calvi" prepared.
You can compare the rare parts little by little by comparing "a special selection of one head".
Is not it a way of enjoying looking for your favorite part?

We have many kinds such as koppa and rice etc and we can surely be satisfied with the abundant menu up to desert desert!

* The Grand Menu of the barbecue store may be different for each store. For details, please do not hesitate to contact us at the page of each store or by phone.

◆ Kobe beef Grilled beef Yazawa Hon ten ◆
Located between Sannomiya and Motomachi, the " Kobe beef Grilled beef Yazawa Hon ten " is quietly facing the back alley although it is in the middle of the city center.
In "3F" we have "complete private room" available for up to 12 people.
Washing is also prepared separately, and it is possible to use without using other customers while using it.

It is possible to use up to 51 people for each floor, making it ideal for large groups such as banquets.

Yazawa Limited's "Kobe Beef Hibimushi" is limited at lunchtime but it is popular enough to be introduced on TV programs.

You can enjoy the change of the taste of three times, "as it is", "combine condiments" "with hot soup".

◆ Kobe Beef BBQ Kobe Dragon East Gate Store ◆
About 5 minutes from each line Sannomiya station. It is located in the immediate vicinity of "Ikuta Shrine" which is one of Kobe's leading shrines.
It is located in the ornate "East Gate Street", facing a busy street regardless of day or night.
Many customers visit us in conjunction with sightseeing, and a lot of foreign tourists are coming.

It is a barbecue restaurant operated by the same KISSHO group, but the atmosphere is another bit different, and the entrance welcomes guests with yellow-based soil walls and dragons treated goodwill. However, once you step in the shop, you can spend a relaxing time with calm interior based on beige.

To tell "sweetness" "fragrance" which is the characteristic of Kobe beef, only use salt and pepper without using sauce.

It is also characterized by lunch course enriched, you can enjoy the best Kobe beef reasonably, and feel free to enjoy.

※ The content of the content is information at the time of writing the article. Please check the official website etc for the latest information.
In addition, as for the information on each store of KISSHO Group, we may be able to make suggestions according to customer's request, so please do not hesitate to contact our shop directly for details.



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