Process of “Kobe beef”

From an entire cow weighing 400kg, we can obtain 200kg of meat.Is “Kobe beef” really so expensive?

Is “Kobe beef” really so expensive?
When you pay a million yen for an entire carcass, only a proportion of this will end up on the retail market. The carcass includes bones, cartilage and fat, all of which needs to be carefully and thoroughly removed by a special meat processor, after which what remains is divided into different cuts that we are familiar with, such as fillet, roast, sirloin, and so on. This remainder represents around half the original cow. If the cow weighs 400 kg, we end up with approximately 200 kg of edible cuts. At this point, by simple calculation, the extracted meat has cost more than 5,000 yen per kilo. Needless to say, some cuts of meat are much more valuable than others: it depends on their quality, and the best quality fillet will command the highest price. Many people feel as if “Kobe beef is expensive”; however, its high cost is much more understandable if you take into consideration how much care has gone into raising the cow that ends up on your dinner table.

All of the beliefs and values cultivated in Japanese cuisine are brought together at​ ​“Kobe beef 3110"

“Kobe beef 3110"
The ""Kobe Beef"" that is delivered at KISSHOKICHI is obtained from ""Kobe Beef 3110"" that is headquartered in Chuo Ward of Kobe City and is responsible for the series of Kobe beef carcasses processing. The company president, Mr. Hiroshi Harufuji, started out himself as a chef in a Japanese restaurant, and he strongly believes that the key factor in Japanese cooking is fresh and good quality ingredients. Starting from that conviction, he pioneered the “Kobe beef” brand, which has become an internationally renowned product of which we can be justly proud.
The spirit of Japanese cuisine stems from a traditional Japanese concern with “not wasting even a scrap”. Within this cooking culture, cooks rack their brains to make full use of every ingredient; to avoid waste, even the smallest ends are used for soup stocks or side decorations. Beef has the characteristics of a relatively low yield rate and high cost. Thus, skilled processing is absolutely critical in making the most of beef. Mr. Harufuji applies his skills, with all his heart and mind, to every piece of beef, no matter how small, in the hope that ever more people will be able to enjoy the wonderful taste of “Kobe beef”—the pride of Hyogo prefecture, internationally renowned—without paying excessively for it. Mr. Harufuji produces only the finest cuts from best-quality beef cattle and arranges for their delivery to every restaurant of the KISSHOKICHI group.
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