Eat walks and relaxing meals too! Kobe · Nanjing town special feature!

~ Japan's Three Great Chinatown Kobe Namjing Town 's Attraction ~

Speaking of the three biggest Chinatowns in Japan, there are Yokohama Chinatown and Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown, together with Kobe Nankin Town.

Although the scale is the smallest Chinatown, its history can be followed until the opening of Kobe in 1868 (Meiji Yuan) year.

It was damaged by the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995 and it suffered as much as the other Kobe city centers such as the whole half of the building, but the cooking we did at that time resulted in a trigger, Has become established.

~ "Delicious" in Kobe is here ~

Nankin town which is included in the plan so that it is surely said to tour of Kobe sightseeing.

Due to the inbound demand, tourists from abroad, including China and Southeast Asia, are also visiting to enjoy exoticism.

From end to end, about 300 meters east to west, there are a number of Chinese cuisines such as meat and basketball and sesame dumplings on both sides, stores such as Kobe Pudding, stores selling souvenirs and miscellaneous goods, It is not enough for one day to go around.

~ From Kobe Motomachi to the world · The location of the beginning of the KISSHO group ~

9 years since raising the reputation as the KISSHO group in 2008 (Heisei 20)

It was a part of the alley of Nankincho that Kanemi Akagi, the current president, Kobe Beef specialty shop, and " KISSHOKICHI " started shops.

The words "Kobe Motomachi to the world" are spelled also in the " KISSHO Group Futuristic Declaration" that is the foundation of the company of the KISSHO group, striving to become a company loved by people around the world as well as local Kobe doing.

This KISSHO Group Future Declaration, "About KISSHOKICHI > Company Overview / History" of this official website
You can see the full text from.

~ Nishinomiya town has 7 stores in the KISSHO group! ~

And KISSHO Group's shops offering Kobe beef steak and Kobe beef steak sushi are also deploying 7 stores only around Nankinmachi.

You can choose from various styles according to your mood and hope, such as teppanyaki for stone kiln grill, restaurant style etc.

All shops listed in the Motomachi area of ​​"Choose a store" are within a distance of a few minutes on foot from Nanking Town, and you can find your favorite shop.

Speaking of Nanjing Town, we also eat. Food stalls offering menus that we would like to recommend to Kobe beef's steak sushi, Kobe beef burger etc. We definitely recommend three restaurants in Nankincho!

Why do not you try this authentic Kobe beef and genuine Kobe beef on this occasion?

Satisfied with its characteristic sweetness.

Quotation: Nankin-cho Official Website

~ Great event is masterpiece! In autumn the Mid-Autumn Festival is also ~

In Kobe Nanjing Town various events are held every season, lions dance with light music, and the overwhelming powerful "Spring Festival" is also designated as Kobe City Regional Intangible Folk Cultural Asset.

Also during this period, "Mid-Autumn Festival" will be held in early October.

At the 15 th August of the lunar calendar, in the festival celebrating the autumn harvest with the love of the Mid autumn moon,
It is the scale after the festival.

For details of the event etc. please visit "Kobe Nankinmachi Official Homepage" from "link" below.



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