KISSHO group of Kobe beef specialty shop where one bus can eat on one floor

To all sightseeing travel agencies
(Inbound / domestic travel)

Kobe beef specialty store "KISSHO Group" is a group network of 30 stores in Kobe (Motomachi-Sannomiya)
Acceptable from 1 person from oversea individual travel (FIT)
For a maximum of 40 guests per bus One floor for private

A5 rank Kobe beef

Genuine Kobe beef A5 rank

Buy one prize Kobe beef
KISSHO 's Kobe beef is all A5

⇒ Purchasing History

From the tourist area
Near location

Kobe beef restaurant near location from sightseeing spot

From Nanjing town and Ikuta Shrine
2 minutes on foot

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Extensive plan

Kobe beef specialty shop KISSHO group with wide plan

How to eat, price, place etc.
Suggest a plan according to your request

⇒ meal example

Genuineness · Why do not you incorporate the " KISSHO group restaurant" that can provide Kobe beef at any time in the sightseeing plan?
I'd like to answer the needs of tourists who want to eat delicious Kobe beef if going to Kobe!
We will introduce the optimum restaurant from the budget and the location relation with the parking lot and sightseeing spot where large bus can be used.
Please feel free to contact us at the following dial.
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KISSHO Kobe beef plan chartered example of a group

Restaurant style

1 floor 40 people

Kobe beef stuck to vegetables and serving as well
For customers who want to enjoy with course style.

Kobe beef's restaurant style

Teppanyaki style

1 floor 36 people / 2 floors 60 people

The sense of presence that Kobe beef gets baked in front of you, the fragrant Kobe beef
To customers who want to taste from burning fragrance.

Teppanyaki style of Kobe beef

Meal plan example for Kobe beef sightseeing

Premium Kobe beef Teppanyaki meal course

【All 7 items】 ※ The price changes according to the meat quality of the steak.

Premium Kobe beef Teppanyaki meal course

· Kobe beef tapping · Specialty soup · Seasonal vegetable salad
· Homemade dressing of black sesame and yuzu
· Premium Kobe Beef Teppanyaki Steak 120 g
· Teppanyaki of seasonal vegetables · Rice · Sorbet

What is premium Kobe beef?

Champion won first prize at "Kobe Beef Exhibition" (Seri) to be held about 50 times per year
Bought one Kobe beef prize, including Kobe beef, up to fourth prize of excellent, excellent and superior,
We realize a surprisingly reasonable price by providing all in our own processing.
Kobe beef, which was chosen and among the Kobe beef who won the top 5% further, the fleshy-quality high-ranking part in the KISSHO group
We are offering it under the name "Premium Kobe beef".

You can choose! Steak's fleshy quality

It is well known worldwide that taste differs depending on the part of beef.
It is the same for premium Kobe beef. Among these parts, only a few kilos per head can be taken,
There are particularly popular parts. That's Fillet Sirloin.

Premium Kobe beef (winning Kobe beef)

Premium Kobe beef fillet steak

① fillet
18,000 yen

The proportion that one cattle can take is only 3%.
Very soft, tasteful and elegant taste is attractive.

Premium Kobe beef fillet steak

② Sirloin
14,000 yen

It is an elegant superlative part in detail how to enter greasy.
There are many juicy marbling, you can enjoy the sweetness and aroma of Kobe beef.

Premium Kobe beef distinctive rare site

③ Extraordinary rare site
¥ 9,500

Besides fillets and sirloin, there are of course delicious parts. We are offering parts of deliciousness inferior to fillet · sirloin on a daily basis.

⇒ More on rare parts

The latest Kobe beef stocking information

● of purchase " KISSHO standards"

KISSHO group bought one Kobe beef that won a prize at the Kobe Beef Exhibition. Just with rare premium Kobe beef, we can not respond to customers' overwhelming demand.
Therefore, we purchase and supplement parts (one part divided into four), but the purchase criteria at that time are among the four Kobe beef ranking B4, B5, A4, A5A5 rank only
This is" KISSHO standard"is.
KISSHO Group 25 stores, everything you eat at any storeKobe beef of A5 rank
To all the sightseeing and travel agencies, please do not hesitate to show us the Kobe beef of the highest rank.

◆ Kobe beef lunch that you can afford is also available! 【Kobe beef lunch of A5 rank / 3,996 yen ~】* Kobe beef red meat steak

⇒ The latest Kobe beef stocking information

The Kobe beef menu of the KISSHO group is actually simple

Considering the menu, for reference to guide customers

If Kobe beef is compared with tuna

Kobe beef is very similar to "tuna".
There are four main parts that are divided into one tuna, "a tough body part tailed by the tail", "a beautiful lean of the shoulder", "a middle toro around the side flank" and "a large toro of the lower abdomen". Evaluation value differs greatly depending on the part, and the difference between the tail body and the large toro is 10 times or more.
All handling in the KISSHO groupKobe beef of A5 rankHowever, the evaluation value of the site will differ depending on which part you will eat.
Kobe beef price,① Valuation amount by siteThe difference of,② weight (grams)It depends on two differences in price.
When choosing a menu, first"Which part would you like to eat?",later"How many grams will you have?"Just decide.
Actually this is all.

● Choosing KISSHOKICHI 's menu

How to choose the Kobe beef menu of the KISSHO group

KISSHOKICHI Kobe beef specialty store

Recommendations are simpleA set

For those who want to enjoy the course tailoring, we also have "B set / + 1,800 yen", "C set / + 2,800 yen".

● Why is A set recommended?

KISSHO Group uses A5 rank Kobe beef

Kobe beef's sightseeing dining plan

Kobe beef's sightseeing dining plan

Of course, at the course, it starts with hors d'oeuvres and the luxury of salads, soups, main dish Kobe beef, stew, desserts and its assortment is also attractive.
But for many customers,Final budgetI think that there is.
Then, thatHow to allocate your budget largely affects customer satisfactionIt will be an important point.
So thinking, for example tuna. When I hear "the best tuna", is not it famous "Omama no koto tuna"? The image that listens and draws in it is supposed to be imaged as "melting thick Toro". Of course, it is a well-known fact that it is expensive as it is a large toro. For customers who thought that they wanted to eat Okama's book tuna, in addition to the tuna of the muscular tail body alone, we added eight squirrels and other dishes little by little, Even if you prepare dessert at the end, is not it extremely difficult to lead to excitement beyond satisfaction? If you spend your budget on something other than that, you may be able to hear the voice saying "Please eat a great melon that melts like the best!"
So, omitting any extra things, lean meat and middle Toro, if you can forgive me if you can budget, if you eat delicious rice and miso soup, pickles, if you allow delicious rice, miso soup, pickles, "Eat the Okamoto Book Tuna Would you like to be satisfied if you think that you want "?
Most of our customers are hoping that we would like to "I want to eat that famous Kobe beef!" To the KISSHO Group, a Kobe beef specialty store. And those customers in the mind have a wonderful marbling, putting in the mouth, Kobe beef of melting texture and taste ... It is like thinking of a scene like a scene of a gourmet program.
Because there is a frame in your budget, there is reason to recommend a simple way to eat like A set.
At Kobe beef specialty storeFocusing 90% of your budget to be allocated on the part and weight (grams) of meat raises the satisfaction level of the customer who guided the mostIt leads to things.
Of course, we will recommend the course to customers who can afford to prepare courses with premium Kobe beef and have a great deal of budget, and they are greatly appreciated!

Frequently asked questions of Kobe beef sightseeing plan

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We can correspond individually, such as teppanyaki of seafood kind.
Please contact us beforehand such as the number of people.

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