"Kobe beef" certified as an agricultural product brand that the country protects

What is "Kobe beef"?
From within Tajima beef (Tadauma cow) which was grown only in Hyogo prefecture after being fattened for at least 28 months at the designated farmer from among the pure bloodline species of Tajima beef (Tadashi Ushi), it was processed to the state of carcass The title given to beef which cleared all of the world's strictest standards standards is said to be able to name one of the three titles "Kobe beef" "Kobe meat" "KOBE BEEF".

And, it was "Kobe Meat Distribution Promotion Council" founded in 1985 among the agricultural cooperatives of Hyogo prefecture who had managed all of this standard and distribution.
Of course, that itself does not change at all, but for products that are recognized as having such quality, social evaluation, and other established characteristics linked to the production area, the system that protects the name as intellectual property Two items of "Tajima beef" and "Kobe beef" are certified as Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Registry No. 2 · No. 3. From April 1, 2016, it is obligatory to affix this GI mark regarding distribution of raw meat of Kobe beef, and severe penalties are also set for offenders.
"Kobe beef" is publicly recognized as being a beef which is literally representative of Japan who received the national recognition, and as a member of the KISSHO group of Kobe beef specialty store chain which advocates "genuine 100% Kobe beef" It is up to you to be proud.
In addition, since we got a 100% Kobe beef restaurant menu to use its value to convey its value, it was quite well received as well, so when you eat Kobe beef, please add "GI mark" to that shop menu Please try looking.

For details on the geographical indication protection system (GI) (LINK) ↓ ↓



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